We Grow Restaurants By Creating Experiences Customers Love

Helping restaurants to transit and build fully sustainable businesses is a core part of Perks99 mission.

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Perks99 will not just give restaurants some phenomenal exposure to reach an audience sitting behind an office desk or factory that may be unable to get out and try their restaurant because of distance or time constraints. Perks99 will boost the restaurant revenues by getting customers to subscribe and pay in advance for their daily delivery meal orders.

Restaurants will generate business even before they open their doors to walk-in customers. It opens up the restaurant to a whole new set of customers that may not have heard of the restaurant before.

Perks99 understands the challenges restaurants face every day, and to aid their quest for growth, we provide a broad range of free tools to help them build fully sustainable businesses. And in return, the brand watches those customers stick around.

How Does The Subscription Work?

It’s quite a simple process. You sign up, have our team specialist create your menu online, and then you can start accepting bulk orders and payments in advance from working profesional. This opens up your restaurant to a whole new set of customers that may not have heard of your restaurant before.

Perks99 5 Free Tools To Help Restaurant
Build Fully Sustainable Business:

Ecofriendly Food Package

How might we get food to people without generating plastic waste?
As a result of the current pandemic, restaurants are surviving solely on take-out orders. An increase in carryout from restaurants also means more plastics that will most likely end up in the garbage. In response, Perks99 meals will be picked up or delivered in reusable eco-friendly Bamboo Bento plates, Bamboo cutleries, and reusable retro delivery bags.

Qr code contactless menu ordering

Allows restaurant patrons to order and pay for their meal from their phone by scanning the restaurant’s custom QR Code on the menu or table-top display. In addition to being able to place orders via mobile devices, The platform also allows restaurants to build data, manage customers, and track sales through an online dashboard.

QR code contactless payment

Let guests order and pay from the convenience and safety of their own devices. Offer a safe way to dine in at your restaurant with digital menus and contactless payment right from the table—no terminals needed. Increase turnover and efficiency, even with limited staff, by letting customers order and pay on their phones.

Kitchen Order Contactless Receiving App

Perks99 kitchen app is a tablet/mobile-based kitchen display and order-entry system.

Get rid of ticket clutter and replace your bulky printers with a kitchen display system packed with features designed to help you manage your orders and get them out faster.

Get a detailed view of every order. Sort through orders with filters to see what’s New, Preparing, or Done. Display ticket times to keep track of turnaround. Have your online orders go directly to the kitchen display as soon as they come in.

The Perks99 team has created this proprietary technology platform that allows any kitchen to become a completely paperless operation.

Perks99 Restaurant Live App

Take your restaurant to go with a free app that allows you to manage your restaurant directly from your smartphone. Perks99 Restaurant Live App puts your restaurant management software in your pocket so you can be in control wherever you are. A mobile app that gives you what you need, 24/7

Regardless of how many restaurants you own, insight into their performance is instantly accessible. Now you can know exactly what’s happening across all of your restaurants – no matter where you are.

We grow restaurants by creating experiences customers love.

Partner with Perks99 to increased sales without having to do any extra work. Just sit back and watch your order numbers increase.